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TELCO vehicle

An independent mounting system for quickly installation of radio base station - mobile telecommunication site with built-in telescopic tower for rent and sale!

→ Rapid assembly of RBS

→ Quick and easy installation 

 Diesel electrial power unit

→ Rectifier unit

→ No need for building permission

→ System on-vehicle / on-trailer

→ Video surveillance

→ Meteorological measurements


Our system is characterized by mobility and the ability to quickly set up RBS locations, system for networking and other supported systems. This system is designed to enable mobile operator to quickly establish new locations, cover new areas, increase network capacity and quickly respond to emergency situations. This system can also be used in locations where it is difficult to obtain permission to set up permanent RBS locations. 

Mobile telephony is present everywhere and it is constantly expanding its coverage and capacity. The number of mobile users is constantly increasing and their needs for good connection and fast internet are constantly growing. In urban environments, there is almost no place for new mobile telephony locations. At big sports events, concerts, fairs, tourist places and other mass gatherings, there is an issue for all participants to have both quality connection and fast internet. At those events, our vehicle is used for quick establishment of RBS's in order to get better coverage and bigger connection capacity.


Our system has multiple purpose - not only for quick establishment of RBS's, MW links, our system can be used for video survillance, meteorological measurements and other similiar applications.

The basic part of the system is a mobile container with antenna tower. The container consists of an open part - antenna tower is telescopic and it is used for the installation of antenna systems, microwave links and associated lightning and signaling equipment. For mounting the RRU units, special stairways are provided within the open part of the container. 

The closed part is used to install the equipment that is mounted outside, and the inside of the container is used to install equipment that is mounted indoor. 

Described system can also include additional equipment, which rounds the solution within the framework of specific needs and plans for the application of the solution, like Diesel electric power unit, Rectifier unit, Air conditioning system unit, Video surveillance and alarm systems, Back-up batteries, Laptop for monitoring, and much more.

The basic part of system can be mounted on a vehicle or on a trailer. The choice of accessories does not depent on wheter the system is on a trailer or on a vehicle. 

Tell us a bit about yourself and area of interest and someone will reach out as soon as possible to discuss pricing options based on your requirements.

Thanks for submitting!

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