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Who we are?

Our company was founded in 2012, Belgrade, Serbia under the name of ITG TEL d.o.o. In 2018, ITG TEL establishes Mobycore d.o.o. to focus on the field of telecommunications, power supply and security.

Mobycore delivers products and inovative solutions, creates designs, builds infrastructure and gives consulting services.


Mobycore is one of the leaders on domestic market in the field of telecommunications. Our key value is quality of service and equipment we respesent and to fulfill all customer demands - turn key projects.  With our capacity, Mobycore is active participant in telecommunication evolvent in Serbia and region, and according to the demands of the market, we are constantly adapting, improving and developing. 

Business goal

Providing the innovative services and best possible solutions to our customers.


Human resources

Our company has approximately 30 full-time employees, 70% with university or college degree. 

We have licenced engineering employees :

  • Responsible designer for telecommunication networks and systems (Licence 353)

  • Responsible designer for low and medium voltage power supply (Licence 350)

  • Responsible designer for construction works in the field of civil engineering (Licence 310)

  • Responsible for works for telecommunication networks and systems (Licence 453)

  • Responsible for works for low and medium voltage power supply (Licence 450)

Our employees have various vendor certifications for installation, commisioning and maintenance of equipment, as well as certificates for working at heights.

Technical equipment

- Production capacities and vehicles for various purposes

- Measuring and controlling equipment for installation of power supply systems, radio base stations and radio relay links

- Service and maintenance of equipment

- Capacity for equipment storage

- Our product - Telco vehicle



Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone or email.

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