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Mobycore delivers inovative solutions, creates designs, does integration and gives consulting services in the field of telecommunications, power supply and security. 

Our company has more than 30 full-time employees, 70% with university or college degree. 

Company licences for design technical documentation and telecommunication facilities:

  • Licence P150E3

  • Licence P151E3

  • Licence I150E3

  • Licence I151E3

We have licenced engineering employees :

  • Responsible designer for telecommunication networks and systems (Licence 353)

  • Responsible designer for low and medium voltage power supply (Licence 350)

  • Responsible designer for construction works in the field of civil engineering (Licence 310)

  • Responsible for works for telecommunication networks and systems (Licence 453)

  • Responsible for works for low and medium voltage power supply (Licence 450)


Our employees also have vendor's certifications for installation, commisioning, design and maintenance of equipment, as well as certificates for working at height.

We are providing different services by the customer demands and we can offer "turn-key" solutions.


- Site visit, survey and design

- Development of technical solutions

- Main project design for Radio Base Stations and microwave links

- Preparation of reports, expert assessments and studies on environmental impact

- Design and delivery of steel constructions


- Installation of TELCO equipment, antenna systems and cables

- Installation and integration of base stations and microwave equipment

- Installation of the power supply system, technical support and maintenance

- Infrastructure works on field

- Video surveillance

- Software solutions

Please check products we offer in domain of 

TELCO vehicle

Mobycore offers its own product TELCO vehicle - an independent mounting system for quickly installation of radio base station : mobile telecommunication site with built-in telescopic tower.

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