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NeoFace Watch

The World's Most Trusted Facial Recognition Solution

Mobycore offers World's most trusted facial recognition solution from our NEC partners company Northgate.
We offer "turn-key" solution to our customers :
- Hardware delivery and IP cameras
- On-site location survey and works
- Software installation
- Training for software usage
- 2 year support after project delivery
There is an option to integrate existing video streams or existing Video Management Systems into NFW software. 
You can also rent and exploit our resources to connect few IP cameras and make your own database and watchlist. 

NEC's biometric face recognition technology is used worldwide for fighting crime, preventing fraud, securing public safety, and improving customer experience across a vast range of locations and industries.

The superior strength of NEC’s face recognition technology lies in its outstanding tolerance of poor quality and conditions.

This tolerance has repeatedly secured the top slot for NEC’s technology range in independent tests conducted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in the United States, which declare our face recognition technology the most accurate in situations of varying levels of difficulties that reflect real life scenarios, with the fastest matching capability that is the most resistant to variants in angle and age.



NEC’s technology can match a subject’s face from images with resolutions as low as 24 pixels, even if the subject is on the move, or the face partially concealed by hats, scarves or glasses, or head angle. It also facilitates video surveillance in crowded, poorly lit areas at unmatched speed and volume in real time. NEC’s face recognition technology does this by using long-tested algorithms that convert two-dimensional images into three-dimensional head images, which are then rotated in all directions and scrutinized using different vantage points, lighting situations, facial expressions and changes to help guarantee over 99% face recognition accuracy in real-world situations. 


Use Cases

From easy up to complex live video identification scenarios

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